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Rockville Cemetery Association is grateful to Mr. Fred Bird who provided countless hours of research to create this list of military veterans displayed here.  We honor all those who have served our country and dedicate this webpage in their memory.

William Baldwin Abert – U.S.C.G.Reserve; Y1c; WWII
Clifton Lebaron Adams, Jr. – U.S. Army; WWII
Edward Cecil Allnutt – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWI
George Battaile Allnutt – Md. Nat. Guard; Private; –
John Choate Allnutt – U.S. Army; TEC 4; WWII
James Anderson – C.S. Army; Capt.; Civil War (Confd)
Richard Henry Andrews – U.S. Navy; WWII
Robert Theodore Avancena – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Billie Jean Barcus – U.S. Army; Col.; Korea & Vietnam
Gerald J. Barnes – U.S. Army; Corpl.; Korea
Glenn Edward Barthel – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Vashti Rebecca Bartlett – U.S. Army Nursing; Chief Nurse; WWI
Grady Preston Baxley, Jr. – U.S. Army; –
William Otho Beall – U.S. Army; PFC; WWI
Leonard Edward Beane – U.S. Army; WWI
Charles Abbot Beard, Jr. – U.S. Navy; Lt (JG); WWII
Edward W. Beatty – C.S. Army; 3rd Lt.; Civil War (Confd)
Edward Worthington Belt – U.S.A.A.C.; Major; WWII
Lewis Wilson Benson – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Frederick Richard Bentley, Jr. – U.S.N.R.; CDR.; –
David Earle Betts – U.S. Army; Lt.; WWII
Philip Grable Biays – Md. Militia; Private; War of 1812
David Eugene Bitterman – U.S. Navy; F1c; WWII
George August Bonhag – U.S.M.C.; Gy Sgt.; WWI
Allen B. Bowie, Jr. – Md. Militia; Colonel; Revolutnry & 1780
Basil Crawford Bowie – U.S. Army; Private; WWI & WWII
Henry Clay Bowie – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Howard Walker Bowie – U.S.A.F.; Major; WWII
Thomas Gassaway Bradley – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.; Spnish.Amer. War
Joseph Russell Branham – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWI
Charles Alexander Brewer – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Lloyd Archibald Brewer, Jr. – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Nicholas Brewer, Jr. – U.S. Army; WWII
William Russell Brewer – Md Nat Guard; 1st Lt; Spnish.Amer. War
Robert Ward Bridges – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Thomas Alexander Brooke,Sr. – D.C. Militia; Matross; War of 1812
Andrew Menthol Brown – U.S. Army; TEC 4; WWII
Robert Allen Brown – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Richard Gilpin Buckingham, Sr. – Resv Md. Militia; WWII
James Lansing Burke, Sr. – U.S. Navy; MM1c; WWI
James Lansing Burke, Jr. – U.S.A.A.C.; AV.Cadet; WWII
Gordon Pierson Burkhead – U.S. Army; SP3c; Korea
Richard J. Burriss – 4th MD Vol Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Wiliam McKendree Burriss – 2nd Md Inf.; Private; Civil War (Union)
Philip Monroe Burrows – U.S.M.C.; Drummer; –
Franklin Penn Burroughs,Sr – U.S. Navy; SeaBees; WWII
Charles Bernard Buscher – U.S. Navy; Lt.Cdr.; WWII
Joseph Devin Buscher – U.S.A.A.C.; Major; WWII
Philip Ludwig Buscher, Jr. – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWII & Korea
Donald Seymour Butt – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
John William Butt – Mont. Co Vol.; Private; Civil War (Union)
Preston Eugene Butt – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Thomas Albert Butt – S.A.T.C.; Private; WWI
Clarence Everett Byrd – U.S. Army; TEC 4; WWII
Edward Hazel Cashell – U.S. Navy; SA; WWI
Benjamin Westley Cator – U.S. Army; PFC; WWII
Guy Anderson Carter – U.S. Mrchnt M.; Jr.Engnr; WWII
John McCormick Carter – U.S. Mrchnt M.; Cadet; WWII
Allison Henderson Chapin, Sr. – U.S.A.A.R.; !st Lt.; WWI
Allison Henderson Chapin, Jr. – U.S.A.A.C.; 1st Lt.; WWII
Robert Foster Chapin – U.S. Navy; WT2c; WWII
Charles Townley Chapman – U.S. Army; Sgt 1c; WWI
Edwin Haines Chinn – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
W. Haile Chisholm – U.S.Army; Captain; WWII
Warren Choate – 4th Bat. D.C. Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Charles L. Christianson – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWII
Lester Davis Clagett – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Richard Francis Clagett – U.S. Navy; CM2c; WWI
Bradley Linthicum Clark – Navy & Air Force; 1st Lt.; WWII
John England Clark, Sr. – U.S.A.A.C.; Major; WWII & Korea
William Dorsey Clark, Jr. – U.S.A.A.C.; Captain; WWII
Kenneth Gordon Clarke – U.S.A.A.C.; Lt.Col.; WWII
Russell Winfield Clum – U.S.A.A.C.; Sergeant; WWII
Beverley Randolph Codwise – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
George Earle Cook, M.D. – U.S. Army; Captain; WWI
Donald Wheatley Corrick – U.S. Navy; YN Chief; WWI
Carl Clifford Crampton – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWI
Stephen Cluskey Cromwell, Sr. – U.S.M.C.; Sergeant; WWI
Stephen Cluskey Cromwell, Jr. – U.S. Navy; PM1c; WWII
William Monroe Cronise – U.S. Army; PFC; WWII
Carl Daniel Cunningham – U.S.A.A.C.; Private; WWII
Noubar Mihran Dadourian – U.S. Navy; SM2c; WWII
Gordon Walford Daisley – U.S. Navy; CDR.; WWII
Maurice W. Davis – U.S. Army; 1st Sgt; WWI
Harry Allnutt Dawson – U.S. Army; Capt.; Spn.Am. & WWI
James Somervell Dawson, Jr. – U.S. Army; Major; WWII
Thomas Lawrence Dawson – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.; WWI
Earl Edgar Daymude – U.S. Army; SP4; –
Edward Francis Daymude – U.S. Navy; F2c; WWII
Ernest Luther Daymude – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWI
George Albert Derbyshire – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Alford A. Dibble – U.S. Army; Sergeant; Korea
John Oliver Diggs, Sr. – U.S. Army; PFC; –
John W. Doonan – U.S.N.R.; Lt.; WWii
Roland George Duggan – U.S.A.A.C.; Sergeant; WWII
Edmund Gilmore Duley – C.S. Army; 1st.Lt.; Civil War (Confd)
Clarence Franklin Duvall, Sr. – U.S. Army; PFC; WWI
Clarence Franklin Duvall, Jr. – U.S.Coast Guard; WWII
Norman Hoyle Duvall – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Alfred Paul Dwyer – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWII
William C. Dwyer – 3rd MD. Vol. Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Benjamin Frankin Eckles – U.S. Army; WWI
Robert Lindsay Edmonds – U.S. Navy; Seaman; WWI
Albert Ross Edmonston – U.S.M.C.; PFC; –
Wallace Robert Edwards – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
George William Elliott – Md. 1st PHB Cav; Private; Civil War (Union)
John Owings England – U.S.A.C.of.Engrs; Private; WWII
Carl Edward Erickson – U.S. Army; Capt.; WWI
Henry T. Ernest – 4th MD. Vol Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Charles Buford Evans – U.S.M.M.& Army; RadioOpr.; WWII & Korea
Charles Z. Evans – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
George F. Evans – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Robert H. Evans – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
William Wilder Evans – U.S.M.C.; Captain; WWII
Alfred Franklin Fairall – 3rd MD. Vol. Inf; 1st Lt.; Civil War (Union)
Francis Marion Fawcett – 4th MD Vol Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
William David Finch – U.S. Army; Mstr Sgt; WWII & Korea
Charles Clarence Fling – U.S. Army; Spnish.Amer. War
Benjamin Cortland Flournoy – U.S. Army; 1st Lt; WWI
William Miles Fowler – Conn 1st L.A.Bty; Private; Civil War (Union)
Herbert C. French – Ohio Nat Guard; PFC; WWII
William Henry Gaines – Md. 1st PHB Cav; Private; Civil War (Union)
Wyllis S. Gaines – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.; WWI
Hezekiah – Garner – 17th Va.Inf.Reg.; Corpl.; Civil War (Confd)
George W. Garrett – U.S.M.C.; Sergeant; Civil War (Union)
Edward Sydney Gault – U.S.A.A.C.; Major; WWII
James Perry Gill – U.S. Navy; F1c; Civil War (Union)
James Stanley Gingell – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Walter Blackwell Gleason – U.S.Coast Guard; Cadet 3c
Thomas Wallace Goodell – U.S.A.F.; Amn2c; Cold War pre Vtnm
James A. Gorman – U.S. Army; Capt.; WWII
Louis Alvin Gravelle – U.S. Navy; WWI
Alexander James Isaiah Greene – U.S. Army; SP4; Vietnam
David Griffith – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Henry Andrew Gripp – Pa. Vol Can; 2nd Lt; Spnish.Amer. War
James Wiley Grist – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Adolph Elbert Gude, Jr. – U.S. Navy; Lt.Cdr.; WWII
Richard Roswell Haight – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Stephen Roswell Haight – U.S. Navy; RM3c; Vietnam
Elmer Leroy Hall – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Steve Westlel Harris – U.S. Army; PFC; Vietnam
Edgar L. Harriss – U.S. Army; 1st Sgt; WWI
Laurie Clifford Harrison, Jr. – U.S.N.R.; EM2c; WWII
Dale Wayne Hausafus – U.S. Navy; CFC; WWII
Alan Gordon Hayes,Sr. – U.S. Navy; CWO4c; Korea
Frederick Neel Henderson, Dr. – U.S. Army; 1st Lt; WWI
Joseph H. Henderson – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
William Edward Henley – U.S. Army; Spnish.Amer. War
Francis L. Hermach – U.S. Navy; WWII
Walter Muncaster Higgins,Sr. – U.S. Army; Capt.; WWI
Henry Thomas Hilleary – Mont. Co Militia; Private; Revolutionary War
John Henry Holder – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
James Ellis Holladay – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
David H. Horner – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Frank B. Horner – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Rex L. Howard – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Paul L. Hull – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Robert Ralph Humphreys – U.S.A.A.C.; Staff Sgt; WWII
Collis Knowles Hurdle – U.S. Army; PFC; WWII
Melvin Dorsey Hutchinson – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWI
George Wady Imirie, Sr. – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
David H. Ingraham – U.S.A.A.C.; SSGT; WWII & Korea
Harry Frederick Isaacs – U.S.A.A.C.; Staff Sgt; WWI
Frank E. Jablonski – U.S.N.R.; Lt.; WWII
Enoch George Johnson – U.S. Army; PFC; –
Frank Shephard Johnson – U.S.A.F.; Lt.Col.; WWII & Vietnam
Franklin Clay Johnson – D.C. Nat Guard; Private; WWII
Reuben Christian Johnson – U.S. Navy; AMM1c; WWII
Edmund Lyddane Jones, Jr. – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.; WWI
Ralph E. Jones, Jr. – U.S. Army; 2nd Lt.; WWII
Raymond Jerome Jones – U.S. Navy; SSMB1c; WWII

Russell Dudrow Kahn – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Gladdin Ernest Kellerman – U.S. Army; TEC 4; WWII
George Lamar Kelly – U.S.Coast Guard; Lt.Cdr.; WWII
Rufus Hickory Kemp – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
John P. Kiger – U.S. Army; Captain; Civil War (Union)
Francis Stibling Kilgour – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Jesse Lee Kinder – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Albert King – Pa. Inf & DC Cav; Private; Civil War (Union)
Walter Kirby – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Edward Thomas Kronson – U.S. Army; PFC; WWI
Frances Kuhn – U.S.N.R.; LtJG; WWII
William McKinley Leath – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Samuel Augustus Lehman – U.S. Vol. Engrs.; Private; Spnish.Amer. War
Elvin Ray Lewis – U.S. Army; Corpl.; Korea
Robert Benson Lewis – U.S.A.A.C.; Private; WWII
Charles Decker Lindsley – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Somervell Q. Linthicum – U.S. Army; post Korean War
William Abner Linthicum – U.S.A.F.; Korea
Mannakee Little – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Stanley Colby Livingstone – U.S.N.R.; Lt.; WWII
Mary Castleman Louthan – U.S.N.R.; Y2c; WWI
Jeremiah Lovell – 6th Reg. MD Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Horatio Barnard Lowry – U.S.M.C.; Major; Civil War (Union)
Cooke Dinwiddie Luckett – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Jesse Bryan Magruder – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
John Wilmot Mann, Sr. – U.S. Army; Border War & WWI
Claiborne Harrison Mannar,III – S.A.T.C.; Private; WWI
Frank Fausten Mark – U.S. Army; WWI
James Andrew Marks – U.S. Navy; FT1c; Vietnam
Mary C. Roeder Marston – U.S.N.R.; Y3c; WWI
Thornton S. “Tubby” Marth – U.S.M.C.; Private; WWII
Woodrow Wilson Marth – U.S. Army; PFC; WWII
Frederick Jackson Masheter,Sr. – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Theodore Simpson Mason, Jr. – U.S.A.A.C.; Private; WWII
William Pinckney Mason – C.S. Navy; Captain; Civil War (Confd)
Phillip Elmer Mauck – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWII
James McAdory McConnell – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
John McDonald – U.S. Army; Major; Civil War (Union)
John Gordon McDonald, Sr. – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Arthur Brown McFarland – U.S. Army; field clerk; WWI
Edward B. McGettrick – U.S.A.A.C.; WOJG; WWII
Porter Frank McKeever – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Arthur Boyd Metcalf – U.S. Army; 2nd Lt.; WWI
Edmund Bishop Middleton, Dr. – U.S.A.A.C.; Private; WWII
William Walker Miles – U.S.A.A.C.; S Sgt; WWII
Joseph Algie Mills – U.S. Army; PFC; WWI
William Basil Mobley – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Jerry Wayne Morris – U.S. Army; Vietnam
James Brown Morrison,Sr. – U.S. Navy; Ensign; –
James Brown Morrison,Jr. – U.S.M.C.; Corpl.; WWII
Eli Moulden – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Vernon Edward Mower – U.S. Navy; GM1c; WWII
Phillip Ambrose Moyer – C.S. Army; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Bernard Jasper Myers,Jr. – U.S.A.A.C.; Sergeant; WWII
Ernest Michael Naigraw – U.S. Army; –
Walter Stuart Nicewarner – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
William Trail Nicholson – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Charles William Nicol, Jr. – U.S.M.C.; WWII
James B. Nicol – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.; WWI
Carlton Eldridge Niemeyer – U.S. Navy; MM3; Vietnam
Robert Thomas Niemeyer, Sr. – U.S. Navy; SK3; Korea
Lewis Franklin Norris, Sr. – U.S. Army; PFC; WWII
John Aloysius O’Hara – U.S.A.A.C.; Corpl.; WWII
Alex J. Olson – U.S. Army; WWI
Ralph Emerson O’Neil – U.S. Army; WWII
George Arthur Paddock – U.S.A.A.C.; Lt.Col.; WWII
John W. Palmer – U.S.A.A.C.; WWII
Don Ralph Pardue – U.S. Navy; RDM3; WWII
Homer Augustine Parsley – U.S.A.A.C.; WWII
Wilbur Owen Parsley – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
William Albert Pate, Jr. – U.S.N.R.; CBM; WWI & WWII
Robert Alan Pearson – U.S. Army; Vietnam
Paul Peck – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.;
Carlton Cleveland Penn,Jr. – U.S.A.A.C.; 2nd Lt; WWII
George Lane Peter – U.S. Navy; Y2c; WWI
John Vinson Peter – U.S. Navy; Seaman; WWI
Robert B. Peter,Jr. – U.S. Navy; Ensign; WWI
Robert D. Petty – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWI
Joseph Wilson Plummer – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Samuel Robert Plummer – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Robert Lee Pollen – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Edward Coffin Pomeroy – U.S. Navy; Ensign; WWII
George Mortimer Poole – U.S.M.C.; Private; WWI
Clyde Thomas Porter,Sr. – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Ralph Stribling Porter – U.S. Army; Colonel; Spn.Am. & WWI
Roy E. Potter – U.S. Army; WWII
Alexander Fullerton Prescott, Jr. – U.S. Army; 1st Lt.; WWI
Edward Bowen Prescott – 74th Ill. Inf Reg; Private; Civil War (Union)
Edmund Stedman Prescott – U.S. Army; Sargent; WWI
Charles Wesley Prettyman – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Edward Clark Prettyman – U.S.N.R.; Lt.; Vietnam
Elijah Barrett Prettyman – U.S. Army; Captain; WWI
Elijah Barrett Prettyman,Jr. – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Robert Alexander Pumphrey – U.S. Army; M.SplyOfr; WWII
George Franklin Ray, III – U.S. Navy; Korea
John Bernard Ray – U.S. Army; TEC 5; WWII
William Marshall Reading – MD. Nat. Guard; Captain; Spn.Am. & WWI
Henry Frick Reich – U.S. Navy; Lt (JG); –
Gerald George Reymore – U.S.N.R.; Lt.Cdr.; WWII
Thomas Alva Ricketts – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Donald Allen Riggin – U.S.A.F.; S Sgt; Korea
Samuel Brownell Riggs – Md. Nat. Guard; Major; WWI
Samuel Riggs – 1st Md.Infantry; Capt.; Spn.Am. & Philipns
John Forsyth Robertson – U.S. Army; TEC 4; WWII
Samuel Thomas Robertson,Jr. – U.S.M.C.; 1st Lt.; WWII
Norman Milton Rowdybush – U.S. Army; Major; WWII
Charles Bennett Rozer – 1st Md. Cav; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Benjamin Lindsey Rucker – 19th Va. Inf Reg; Private; Civil War (Confd)
Louis Joseph Ryan – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Terry Lee Schell – U.S.M.C.; LCPL; –
Stewart Schmalbach – U.S. Navy; Lt.Cdr.; WWII
Loren Fletcher Schott – U.S.A.R.O.C.; 1st Lt.; –
William J. See – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWII
Eldon Allen Seifert – U.S. Army; TEC 5; WWII
George S. Shanklin – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
David Winston Shaw – U.S.A.F.; Sergeant; –
Roger – Shaw – U.S. Army; Spnish.Amer. War
Edward Percy Simpson – U.S. Army; 1Lt.MC; WWI
Harry Kenneth Sleeman – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Edwin Smith,Jr. – U.S. Army; Capt.; WWI
Harold Calmes Smith,Sr – U.S.M.C.; Capt.; WWI
Harold Calmes Smith,Jr. – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWII
Theron E. Smith – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Huston Kiefer Spangler,Dr. – U.S.P.H.S.; Korea
Thomas David Spangler – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWii
Robert E. Speidel – U.S. Navy; BUL3; Korea
Barton E. Stahl – U.S. Navy; Ensign; WWI
Beverley Tayloe Stansbury – Md. Nat. Guard; Sergeant; WWI
Joseph Napolean Starkley – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
Andrew Wilbur Starratt,Jr. – U.S. Navy; Lt (JG); WWII
Cecil Barton Stephens,Jr. – U.S.A.Nat.Guard; Private; WWII
Robert Jordan Stevens – U.S.A.A.C.; Private; WWII
Earl Mark Stitt – U.S.Coast Guard; SK2c; WWII
Howard H. Strine, Dr. – U.S.N.R.; Lt.Cdr.; WWII
Edward Elisha Stonestreet,Dr. – U.S. Army; Surgeon; Civil War (Union)
Charles Dudley Stubbs, Sr. – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWII
Wilbur Desales Stubbs – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWI
James Bernard Sweeney – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Otho Holland William Talbott – Md. Nat. Guard; 2nd Lt.; Spnish.Amer. War
Thomas Maurice Talbott – Md Nat Guard; Captain; Spnish.Amer. War
William Randolph Talbott, Sr. – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWI
Robert C. Tedd – U.S.M.C.; PFC; WWII & Korea
John Marinus terLinden – U.S.M.C.; Musicn 1c; Spn.Am. & WWI
Lynn Ander Thompson – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWI
William Henry Thompson,Jr. – U.S.C.G.Reserve; MoMM3c; WWII
Mathew Tine – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
Paul R. Titus – U.S. Army; Corpl.; WWI
James Richard Trawick – U.S.A.Sgnl Crps; 2nd Lt.; –
Frank Edward Troth – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWI
Luther Ashley Trunnell – U.S. Army; Sergeant; WWI
Charles Andrew Turner – U.S. Navy; SN 2c; –
William Reed Tyree – U.S. Army; –
Samuel A. VanChure – U.S. Army; Private; –
George Vande Sande – U.S.A.A.C.; WWII
Leonid Nichols Vassilieff – U.S.N.R.; Lt.Cdr.; –
George Francis Viault – U.S. Army; WWII
William Edward Viett – U.S. Army; Spnish.Amer. War
Lee Edward Wallace – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
John Ignatius Ward – U.S. Army; Private; WWI
John W. Warner – 3rd MD. Vol. Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Gaither Postley Warfield, Rev – U.S. Army; 2nd Lt.; WWI
David Keener Waters – U.S.M.C.; Corpl.; WWI
Thomas Andrew Weaver – 1st&2nd DC Inf.; Private; Civil War (Union)
Daniel Raymond Weddle, Jr. – U.S.N.R.; S2c; WWII
Samuel Morrison Welliver – 16th Ill. Inf.Reg; Capt.; Civil War (Union)
Barnard Talbott Welsh – U.S. Navy; Lt.; WWII
F. Barnard Welsh – Colo.Nat.Guard; Private; –
William Wallace Welsh – Md Vol. Inf; Private; Civil War (Union)
Melvin Moore Wertz – U.S. Navy; WWII
George Alfred Wilson – U.S. Navy; Ch Elec; WWI
Valentine Claibourne Wilson – U.S. Army; Private; WWII
William Howard Wilmot – U.S. Mrchnt M.; Cadet; WWII
William Gilbert Woodend – U.S. Navy; WWII
Paul Henry Zeiger – U.S. Army; Private; WWII

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Updated:  31 March 2018

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