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1350 Baltimore Road, Rockville, Maryland 20851 | 301-309-0191

In consideration of current Coronavirus concerns, it is with an abundance of caution that Rockville Cemetery Association is placing immediate restrictions regarding public activities at Rockville Cemetery:

  • Volunteer events are cancelled until further notice
  • Urn burials may be suspended if city, county, or state restrictions apply
  • Appointments with Rockville Cemetery representatives will be limited to two members of the family
  • Burial services must comply with active local government restrictions affecting outdoor gatherings
  • All cemetery visitors must comply with current state and local requirements concerning the wearing of face masks, social distancing, and group size.

Rockville Cemetery’s first ethical duty is to the living. These measures are in line with the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines for the Coronavirus pandemic, and are meant to safeguard families, service providers, and all visitors during this most challenging time.

We thank you for your understanding during these circumstances, and encourage you to contact us at with any questions.


Rockville Cemetery is located at 1350 Baltimore Road, adjacent to Rockville Civic Center Park, in Rockville, Maryland. The Upper Cemetery area was established in about 1740 as the burial ground for the Prince George’s Parish of the Anglican Church, which was originally located there. A second major section for burials, adjacent to the original acreage and informally known as the Lower Cemetery, was opened in the 1930s and is located farther east along Baltimore Road.

Designated as a Rockville Historic District, Rockville Cemetery is still an active cemetery, with burials, and sales of grave sites and columbarium niches occurring regularly. There are more than 5,000 burials in Rockville Cemetery and room for thousands more.

Representing 275 years of local area history, Rockville Cemetery serves as both a beautiful community landmark and a tranquil final resting place.

Our Mission

Rockville Cemetery Association is dedicated to the spirit, beauty, usability, economic viability, long-term preservation, and enjoyment of historic Rockville Cemetery.  RCA maintains Rockville’s oldest cemetery as an active burial place, including gravestone conservation and improvement of landscape, roads, and structures.  Public outreach, education, involvement, and responsibility to lot owners strengthen the organization’s relationship to the community.

Rockville Cemetery Map

2-Rockville Cem - Detail MASTER

Download the Rockville Cemetery Map [PDF – 6 MB]

Search for cemetery records

Search for cemetery records in Rockville Cemetery on by entering a surname and clicking search:

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Have you moved or changed your contact information?

Rockville Cemetery requests lot and grave site owners to provide us with your current contact information, including name and address of the key family contact, phone number, and an email address. You will be added to our mailing list and this will allow Rockville Cemetery to contact you if there are any issues with your family’s graves, or should a grave marker need attention.

Please click on the “Question or Comment” button below to send us your current information. Information provided to Rockville Cemetery Association will not be shared in any manner.

“Show me your cemeteries and
I will tell you what kind of people you have.”

– Benjamin Franklin
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