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RCA is seeking interested applicants for our Board of Directors. Volunteer directors meet monthly to administer the maintenance, preservation, and public use of Rockville’s most historic cemetery. Click here to learn more about how YOU can take part in making a difference!


All are reminded that historic Rockville Cemetery remains an ACTIVE burial ground. We appreciate your patience and maintaining a respectful distance from ongoing funeral activities, as well as the ongoing consideration and privacy provided to those visiting grave sites.


Please note that all floral tributes and decorations placed on grave sites are considered temporary. Live cut flowers may be placed on graves year-round. Artificial flowers are encouraged during colder weather months and are acceptable for use year-round, but they are not permitted as permanent display. At any time and without notice, Rockville Cemetery Association [RCA] reserves the right to remove any objects from cemetery property. You can access the cemetery’s complete Public Use Policies & Guidelines here. Thank you for your cooperation as we preserve the beauty of Rockville’s most historic cemetery for generations to come.

Where the Past Remains Present for Future Generations

Historic Rockville Cemetery, in Rockville, Maryland, continues serving the community as an active burial ground. Nestled in a quiet suburban neighborhood, but retaining rural charm, its 27 acres contain more than 5,000 interments with both ground sites and columbaria niche spaces available for purchase. Whether a family has experienced an unexpected funeral need or is planning an estate, we are prepared to discuss immediate or future interests.

Rockville Cemetery is administered by Rockville Cemetery Association, Inc. [RCA], a non-profit organization comprised of volunteer directors sustaining vital operations, including improvement of landscape, roads, and structures, gravestone conservation, responding to public interests, and maintaining dignity through proper visual appeal.

RCA is dedicated to the spirit, beauty, usability, economic viability, long-term preservation, cultural value, and enjoyment of historic Rockville Cemetery. Public outreach, education, involvement, and responsibility to lot owners strengthen the organization’s relationship to the community.

Phone: 301-309-0191


Location: 1350 Baltimore Rd, Rockville, MD 20851

Mailing Address: PO Box 4318, Rockville, MD 20849

CEMETERY HOURS: Daily from Dawn to Dusk

NOTE: No office facilities on site.

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