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1350 Baltimore Road, Rockville, Maryland 20851 | 301-309-0191

Rockville Cemetery Charges, Fees, And Services

Effective September 13, 2019

We are committed to providing our clients with tranquil interment spaces now and well into the future. Current burial sites are located throughout the property to accommodate a wide range of memorial styles. Rockville Cemetery offers burial space for both caskets and cremated remains, as well as niche inurnment for cremains in our columbariums. Rockville Cemetery is a Perpetual Care cemetery.

Purchase of Grave Sites

Lower Cemetery

Section 1 — $2,000 single site
Section 2 — $2,200 single site

Upper Cemetery

All Sections — $5,000 single site (single depth and urn burials only)

Purchaser responsible for independent acquisition of a grave marker

Purchases of Niches in Columbariums

Upper Two Rows (Includes name & date engraving) — $2,500 per niche
Lower Two Rows (Includes name & date engraving) — $2,000 per niche

2 or more grave site/niche simultaneous purchase receives a 10% discount
6 or more grave site/niche simultaneous purchase receives a 15% discount

Interment/Inurnment Service Charges

Single-depth full-casket grave opening — $1,200
Double-depth full-casket grave opening — $1,600
Cremation urn grave opening (single urn) — $450
Cremation urn grave opening (two urns) — $550
Infant grave opening — $400
Columbarium inurnment — $300

Additional Service Charges

Weekday burial after 3 pm — $200 per hour
Saturday burial until 1 pm — $200 | After 1 pm — add $50 per hour
Sunday burial until 1 pm — $350 | After 1 pm — add $50 per hour
Opening an existing grave, pulling existing vault, and reinterment at single or double-depth grave — $3,000
Double-depth disinterment — $3,500

Application fee for disinterment of human remains

(lot owner or responsible party obtains all permits)— $450

Equipment Rental charges

Seating rental (6 chairs) — $100
Tent rental (12’ x 12’) — $100

Additional Information

Please note the following: 

(Burials) All casket burials require the purchase and installation of a grave liner (vault).

(Grave Markers) Purchaser is responsible for independent acquisition of grave markers. All grave markers must have a concrete base installed at/below ground level. Providers must obtain Cemetery approval prior to marker installation.

No burials allowed on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Rockville Cemetery Map

Download the Rockville Cemetery Map [PDF – 6 MB]

Perpetual Care

Rockville Cemetery is committed to Perpetual Care, as defined by the Annotated Code of Maryland, Title 5, “Cemeteries,” as follows:

Pursuant to Section 5-601, Business Regulation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland:
In this subtitle, “perpetual care”:
(1) means the maintenance, including the cutting of grass abutting memorials or monuments, administration, supervision and embellishment of a cemetery and its grounds, roads, and paths; and
(2) includes the repair and renewal of buildings, including columbaria and mausoleums, and the property of the cemetery.

Accordingly, 10% of all fees for purchase of gravesites and niches are set aside in our Perpetual Care Account. Earnings from this account are used to conduct perpetual care activities, as defined above.

Please note: Perpetual Care does not include installation, maintenance, or care of gravestones or other items installed by grave site owners, as these items are the property of said owners.


The Rockville Cemetery Association (RCA) strives to protect its grounds and maintain a visual quality befitting this cemetery’s sacred purpose. We therefore ask that all visitors assist us by observing the following:

  • Park on roadways and allow other vehicles to pass.
  • FRESH and/or ARTIFICIAL flowers may be placed on graves at any time, using appropriate containers. (Use of Glass or Ceramic containers is prohibited for safety reasons.)
  • EASTER: LIVE POTTED PLANTS are permitted on graves from one week before until one week after Easter Sunday.
  • MEMORIAL DAY & VETERANS DAY: Decorations may remain on graves for two weeks after each holiday, respectively.
  • CHRISTMAS: WREATHS are permitted during the season.
  • NATIONAL/STATE/MILITARY/PUBLIC SERVICE FLAGS may remain in place from Memorial Day through Veterans Day.
  • NON-FLORAL items intended for indefinite placement directly on or positioned above grave sites are prohibited.
    No items may be attached to headstones or grave markers, except for recognized military medallions. Any alteration of headstones or grave markers is prohibited.
  • The possession or application of any hazardous item or substance, or conduct of any activity posing risks to any persons, property or wildlife is prohibited.
  • RCA assumes no responsibility for items left at grave sites, and reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove items considered unsafe, unsightly, unauthorized, or inappropriate, at any time.

The intent of Rockville Cemetery Association (RCA) is to ensure that the cemetery property is maintained with the dignity and beauty befitting a sacred burial ground. RCA solicits your understanding and cooperation with our efforts.

Fresh cut flowers may be placed on graves at any time. When fresh-cut flowers become unsightly they should be removed. RCA may remove and discard flowers that become unsightly. Flowers may be removed and discarded to allow for routine mowing or other grounds maintenance activities. Water is not available at Rockville Cemetery.

Plastic, metal, paper and fabric flowers and decorations may be placed on graves at any time. Appropriate containers must be used. Glass and ceramic containers are not permitted for safety reasons.

Live potted plants are permitted on graves one week before and one week following Easter Sunday. Christmas wreaths are permitted on graves during the Christmas season and will be discarded beginning February 1. Wreaths should be simple in design and not contain extraneous decorations.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day decorations will be allowed to remain on the graves for two weeks following those holidays. National, State, Military and public service flags will be allowed to remain from Memorial Day through Veterans Day.

No item or object may be attached to a monument, marker or niche front. Monuments may not be altered in any way. Military medallions are the exception.

Specific Items not permitted include permanent plantings (shrubs and trees), statues, vigil lights, breakable objects, balloons, pinwheels, stuffed animals and like items, bird feeders, and “shepherd’s hooks” with or without hanging baskets. Nothing placed on a grave may be taller than the monument. Unauthorized items may be removed and disposed of by RCA.

The placement or application of any hazardous item or substance which poses a potential risk to any persons, pets, local wildlife, or cemetery structures or grounds is prohibited.

RCA reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove unauthorized, unsightly, hazardous, and inappropriate items at any time. If you have questions, please contact the RCA Board.

RCA assumes no responsibility for items left at graves, columbaria or niche fronts. Due to the open nature of the grounds, RCA cannot guarantee against theft, vandalism or the effects of nature, including damage by wildlife.

Effective September 8, 2015

The goals of the RCA niche inscription policies are to ensure that all Columbarium niche inscriptions present a clear, concise and consistent appearance that is respectful to each individual inurned and considerate of the overall appearance of the Columbarium unit. This is achieved through application of standard numbers of lines of text, font style and sizes, uniform spacing and other standards as described by the following specifications:

  1. Inscriptions may include up to four lines including name, birth and death dates, and
    other text.
  2. A symbol such as a cross, Jewish star, or military symbol may be included on a fifth line, to be inscribed above the name. Up to two symbols may be inscribed on this line. (If production of a symbol requires an “art” or “set up” charge, this extra charge will be the responsibility of the niche owner or his/her representative.)
  3. The first line of text, or the first two lines as required for longer names, shall be reserved for the name of the person inurned in the niche.
  4. The next line below the name shall be reserved for birth and death years, with a hyphen separating the two dates. If full birth and death dates (month, day, year) are used, the dates shall be inscribed on two lines.
    • For full birth and death dates, the standard format shall be month (three-letter abbreviation with a period, except for June and July which shall be spelled completely), day (one or two digits), and year (four digits).
  5. The standard font shall be Press Condensed Roman.
    • Names shall be inscribed at 1.50” in height.
    • When two lines are used for the name, the first line (first and middle names) shall be 1.25” in height, and the second line (surname) shall be 1.50” in height.
    • Dates shall be inscribed at 1.0” inches in height.
    • Additional text (e.g. “Beloved Wife”) shall be inscribed below the last date line at 1.0” in height.
    • Symbols shall be inscribed at 1.75” inches in height, and located above the first name line.

Any deviation from these policies must be approved by the RCA Board of Directors.

Procurement and installation of headstones and grave markers are the responsibility of the lot or gravesite owner(s). Gravestones and markers must be professionally installed by a qualified contractor or person, with a proper foundation according to industry standards, so as to promote their long-term viability and stability. This includes installation of an appropriate concrete foundation to support the gravestone or marker.

Lot and gravesite owners are required to contact the Cemetery prior to placement of a headstone or marker, so the proper location may be verified and marked prior to installation of the foundation. If a gravestone or marker is installed in the wrong location, and the Cemetery was not given the opportunity to verify and mark the location, the owner(s) will be held responsible for the removal and re-installation of the gravestone or marker.

Lot and gravesite owners are responsible for the maintenance and care of headstones and markers in perpetuity. Owners are expected to maintain headstones and markers in good, stable and clean condition, and to initiate repairs or replacements should it become necessary.

Lot and gravesite owners are not allowed to plant permanent trees and shrubs on cemetery property. The Cemetery Board has learned through experience that such plantings require maintenance and care in the short-term and throughout their (often extensive) life spans. For example, if shrubs such as boxwoods are not regularly trimmed, they eventually grow large and often obscure the grave and headstone. The cemetery cannot accept these maintenance responsibilities primarily due to financial constraints.

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