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Rockville Cemetery Charges, Fees, And Services

Effective January 1, 2021

Rockville Cemetery Association is committed to providing all families with tranquil interment spaces now and well into the future. Burial sites are located throughout the property to accommodate a wide range of memorial styles. Rockville Cemetery offers burial space for both caskets and cremated remains, as well as niche inurnment for cremains in our columbaria. As a Perpetual Care cemetery, fees charged help ensure that burial sites are preserved and remain accessible and grounds are maintained constantly.

Download our charges, fees, and services prices

Purchase of Grave Sites and Columbaria Niches:

Lower Cemetery Sites
(Single & double-depth casket and urn burials)
Section 1 and Section 2— $3,000 per site

Upper Cemetery Sites (Single-depth casket and urn burials only)
All Sections— $5,000 per site

Columbaria Niches (Single urn permitted per niche space)
All Niches— $2,500 each

Discounts Available:

Purchase of 2 or more grave sites/niches simultaneously receives a 10% discount
Purchase of 6 or more grave sites/niches simultaneously receives a 15% discount

Interment and Inurnment Service Charges:


Single-depth full casket grave opening — $2,000
Double-depth full casket grave opening — $2,500
Cremation urn grave opening (single urn) — $ 750
Cremation urn grave opening (two urns )— $ 900
Infant grave opening — $ 500
Columbarium inurnment — $ 500


For all Saturday/Sunday/Holiday burial services— (add:) $ 300
For Sat./Sun./Holiday burial services completed after 1 pm— (add:) $ 50 per hour


Seating rental (6 chairs) — $100
Tent rental — $100


Disinterment requests first must be approved by the Montgomery County State’s Attorney and then coordinated with Rockville Cemetery Association. Site owners, families or administrators are responsible for all associated fees and permits:

Open an existing grave, remove vault, and reinter or release to owner:
Single-depth [or] Double-depth casket and liner— $3,500 – $4,000
Single [or] Double cremains urn(s)— $1,000 – $1,500


For Site & Niche Purchases – ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Full payment must be received prior to burial services. Full payment amount may be provided directly by CASH or PERSONAL CHECK. CREDIT CARD payments (with an additional 3.5% service charge) are accepted through our website at:

For Burial Services – All casket burials require a grave liner or vault, which may be obtained through the funeral service provider. The purchase and use of portable burial vaults by families as cremains (urn) burial containers is optional.

Grave Markers – Site owners or families are responsible for locating and purchasing grave markers from qualified vendors. All grave markers must have a sufficient concrete foundation installed by the vendor at and below ground level. Vendors must obtain Rockville Cemetery Association approval prior to monument/marker installation.

No burials are scheduled on the following holidays:
New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Questions? Please contact us through our website at:

Rockville Cemetery Map

Download the Rockville Cemetery Map [PDF – 6 MB]

Perpetual Care

Rockville Cemetery is committed to Perpetual Care, as defined by the Annotated Code of Maryland, Title 5, “Cemeteries,” as follows:

Pursuant to Section 5-601, Business Regulation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland:
In this subtitle, “perpetual care”:
(1) means the maintenance, including the cutting of grass abutting memorials or monuments, administration, supervision and embellishment of a cemetery and its grounds, roads, and paths; and
(2) includes the repair and renewal of buildings, including columbaria and mausoleums, and the property of the cemetery.

Accordingly, 10% of all fees for purchase of gravesites and niches are set aside in our Perpetual Care Account. Earnings from this account are used to conduct perpetual care activities, as defined above.

Please note: All sales are final. Perpetual Care does not include installation, maintenance, or care of gravestones or other items installed by grave site owners, as these items are the property of said owners.

Public Use Policies & Guidelines

Rockville Cemetery is a historic burial ground dating to the 1730s and is located in a residential community within the City of Rockville, Maryland. As the entire property has been designated by the Mayor and Council of Rockville as a Historic District, it is the ongoing mission of Rockville Cemetery Association [RCA] to provide interment sites for the community while also preserving the cemetery’s distinctive character and unique inherent features. To support this effort, the RCA Board of Directors has adopted policies to maintain acceptable standards for public use which are deemed appropriate and respectful of Rockville’s most historic cemetery and its resources.


Street Address:
1350 Baltimore Road
Rockville, Maryland 20851
(1⁄4 mile south of MD Route 28/Norbeck Road)

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 4318
Rockville, MD 20849


301-309-0191 (Recorded line)


Map & Directions:

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Visiting Hours:

Sunrise to Sunset

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Donations to the Rockville Cemetery Association — without service(s) rendered — are tax deductible. 

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