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Purchase a Resting Site

Rockville Cemetery Association fully understands the financial, situational, and emotional concerns influencing the selection and purchase of interment locations, either for personal use or as the final resting place for a loved one. Please visit our cemetery at your convenience to become familiar with its features, and contact us at any time to discuss your specific interests or needs.

Interment Options

Rockville Cemetery provides locations to support the following interment considerations:

Ground Sites – Each ground site can accommodate [no more than] two interments by the following:

  • (1) Double-depth and (1) single-depth caskets.
  • (1) Single-depth [or double-depth] casket and (1) single cremation urn.
  • (2) Cremation urns.

Columbarium Niches – Above-ground columbaria are located in upper and lower areas, respectively:

  • Depending on availability, each niche space accommodates (1) one cremation urn only.

Mausoleum – Above-ground structures designed to perpetually contain and secure multiple interments:

  • Requires a formal, written request to RCA to identify if a suitable location is available, and ensure that the design is compatible with the desired historic character and visual aesthetic of the cemetery landscape. If deemed acceptable by RCA, the requesting party is responsible for all associated costs, including the design, construction, and perpetual maintenance of the mausoleum structure.
Public Use Policies and Guidelines
Public Use Policies and Guidelines (PDF Version)

Fee Schedule

Rockville Cemetery Association has developed its Schedule of Charges, Fees, and Services in order to provide interment sites for public use and ensure their perpetual care in the future. Primary fees involved consist of the following:

Site Fee – A single charge for the purchase of a ground site or columbarium niche for interment use.


Burial Fee – A single charge when each site or niche is used for actual interment.

  • Additional charges may apply under specific conditions, such as weekends, late hours, etc.
  • All Burial Fees must be paid in full by [no later than] the actual interment date.
  • If desired, Burial Fees can be paid in advance at the current rate.
Schedule of Charges, Fees, and Services

Multi-Site Discounts

Discounted pricing is available for one-time purchases of multiple sites or niche spaces. We especially encourage this consideration if your family prefers those final resting places be in close and convenient proximity.

For a complete listing of all related fees please carefully review the following:

Schedule of Charges, Fees, and Services


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Location: 1350 Baltimore Rd, Rockville, MD 20851

Mailing Address: PO Box 4318, Rockville, MD 20849

CEMETERY HOURS: Daily from Dawn to Dusk

NOTE: No office facilities on site.

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