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Rockville Cemetery Association

Since 2001, Rockville Cemetery has been owned and administered by Rockville Cemetery Association, Inc. [RCA], a registered non-profit Maryland corporation and officially designated as a 501(c)(13) by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Its sources of revenue are primarily derived from sales of grave sites and columbaria niches, and fees associated with burials.

Comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by a Community Director position, the association addresses the daily operational needs of the cemetery to preserve this cultural treasure and ensure its availability to the public.

Our Leadership

The Board of Directors regularly meets on the second Tuesday of the month.  Our Annual Meeting, which includes the election of officers and directors, is held during the April meeting.

Board of Directors

Hannelore Quigley, President
Rick Cranford, Vice President
Stephen Edwards, Treasurer
Bob Rosecrans, Secretary
Elaine Clagett Price, Director

·      Sam Freedenberg, Community Director

Association History

By the late 20th century, membership in the original cemetery association (organized in 1880) had waned significantly, and cemetery maintenance and community interest had all declined dramatically.  In 2001, lot owners, community members, and public officials stepped up to incorporate the current Rockville Cemetery Association, Inc. (RCA) in response to an outcry of public indignation about conditions in the cemetery. RCA, which was recognized by the IRS as a private 501(c)(13) non-profit organization, accepted title to the property and elected a new Board of Directors to turn the situation around. The association immediately improved the ongoing maintenance and appearance of the property. Extensive capital work was accomplished as well, including repairs to the 1889 Caretaker’s Cottage and outbuilding, extensive renovation of internal roads, drainage improvements, repair of hundreds of damaged and fallen tombstones, and installation of road signs to assist visitors in finding sites of family members and notable people buried here.  Failing trees and various ornamental growths were either removed or addressed to provide desired landscape appearances, with several new trees planted as healthy replacements.  RCA also achieved a successful migration into the digital information era with improved burial records management, a concise mapping of burial sites, and its first interactive website to support public information and promote cemetery use.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic and unprecedented restrictions which affected an entire nation’s activities, Rockville Cemetery remained available to provide a vital community service, serve increasing public interests, and  achieved noteworthy improvements during this period.  The restoration of the historic shed adjacent to the Caretaker’s Cottage was made possible largely by public donation.  The City of Rockville completed an extensive project to improve the adjacent length of Baltimore Road and stream valley bisecting the cemetery, thus enhancing the visibility of the entire cemetery property.  By far, the most impactful change was the creation of a new Community Director’s position to more effectively respond to increasing public interests concerning estate planning and interment use.

As Rockville Cemetery progresses into the 21st Century and approaches its Tricentennial, it can take pride in the respectful care and attractive appearance of the interment landscape, the preservation of thousands of individual and family histories representing Rockville and Montgomery County history, and the responsive attention to public interest.  However, the greatest challenge to Rockville Cemetery Association in maintaining these objectives continues to be attracting inspired and dedicated citizen-stewards who volunteer their personal knowledge and abilities as RCA directors, providing necessary administrative functions and ensuring the care, use, and sustained vitality of Rockville’s most historic burial ground.

Events and Activities

Rockville Cemetery Association conducts the following events and activities to further support Our Mission:


(Memorial Day Weekend) An annual tradition since the 1880s, volunteers place American flags on the interment sites of all identified U.S. service veterans.


(Upon Request) Subject to the availability of qualified tour leaders, guided tours of the cemetery are provided to help interested groups better understand the history, features, and operation of Rockville’s most historic cemetery. If your organization, educational group, or social club is interested in learning more about our cemetery, please CONTACT US and we will be glad to discuss your specific interests. Tours are typically offered at no cost; however, a voluntary tax-deductible donation is customary, supports ongoing cemetery preservation efforts, and is sincerely appreciated by Rockville Cemetery Association.


(April) Includes the election of board officers and directors.


(To Be Announced) Subject to available funding and personnel, formal programs and activities designed to educate and inform the general public will be announced through this website.


Browse our Newsletter Archive to learn more about past events, activities, and accomplishments!

Newsletter Archive

Click on the drop-down box and select an available year to review our collection of past Annual Newsletters:


Rockville Cemetery Association would like to acknowledge the past support of specific agencies, organizations, and professionals which have contributed to the success of our association and revitalization of our cemetery property, which in turn benefits the community we serve.  We welcome all interested and potential partners!

To Our Families

RCA strives to not simply identify where the deceased are laid to rest but further support the remembrance of how each life was lived. Like a unique quilt, each new interment adds another swatch of personal history to the ever-expanding social fabric of our entire cemetery landscape.

To our site owners and the extended families of those interred here, we ask that you Contact Us to notify our association if your contact information has changed, so that we may update our files and keep you informed concerning relevant cemetery issues, or if you wish to share any questions or concerns regarding your particular interest in Rockville Cemetery.

Finally, RCA has created a Biographical Information Form and routinely makes this form available to site owners so that we may become fully aware of your loved one and the life they now contribute to the cultural history our cemetery preserves. Rest assured that the information you voluntarily share regarding your family member is maintained in our RCA records collection ONLY and never provided to any outside entity. We appreciate your consideration, and always look forward to learning more about those at final rest in historic Rockville Cemetery.

With our sincere appreciation for your investment and continued interest in Rockville Cemetery!

Download our RCA Biographical Information Form

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Phone: 301-309-0191


Location: 1350 Baltimore Rd, Rockville, MD 20851

Mailing Address: PO Box 4318, Rockville, MD 20849

CEMETERY HOURS: Daily from Dawn to Dusk

NOTE: No office facilities on site.

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